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AT NIE we believe that professional actors need professional development opportunities that keep their skills honed and grow their craft as they move through their careers from beginning to end.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, dianne k. webb  has directed and taught acting for over 20 years in Maine and Houston. During that time she has developed a style and focus of teaching that urges the actor to delve into the whole body, the voice and the connection between actors and content to refine the actor's craft. With a base from physical acting, improv, movement, mime, mask, sacred theatre, and more, NIE works to create and bring professional development opportunities to actors in Houston and beyond.


Birthing an ensemble—Devising work

“It is not your ability to imitate, to manufacture, to play a part, 

but your ability to bring your uniqueness, that’s the thing." —d webb


“One cannot act alone with only the face, or only the body, or only the voice;

these three must, in a unified way (or as needed disparate way) communicate the scene, the character, the piece.” —d webb


"The next iteration is not about imitation, but about finding our own voice  and moving it through the role, the scene, the piece."            —d webb

Acting is about creating. Finding internal and external raw materials, gathering together new and well-used resources, and taking the time to translate ideas through the body, voice and interactions. It takes time and craft to create new work. At NIE we believe that actors must have access to studio time to sharpen and expand their craft; to exercise their skills in the necessary company of other actors. For this we have created: 

Ensemble Acting Studio


Anyone interested in working with NIE should consider coming to our pay-what-you-can Ensemble studio time and work with us. More info coming soon. 


Ensemble Acting Studio 

Stay tuned for schedule coming soon!

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