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See where Your dollars Go—

At NIE we spend the bulk of our money paying artists. We believe that everyone deserves a living wage and we are on our way to providing step at a time. Here's how we will spend your donation:

  •   Artist Compensation (actors, designers, stage      managers, tech)  56%

  •   Productions Costs including materials

  •   Performance Venues  19%

  •   Audience Outreach and Marketing  8%

  •   ASL interpreters  2%

  •   Keeping the company going  5%

  •   Fundraising 10%


This campaign is an integral part of raising the funds to ensure we can bring underrepresented voices to Houston audiences. Your tax-deductible contribution* go toward paying the artists and theater technicians who work to bring this art to you!


See What we are about

NIE focuses on underrepresented voices, diverse artists and collaborations that reflect our city and engage a broad audience base. We believe that such theater deserves to be produced in a professional manner at professional venues. We are committed to compensating all of our artists and technicians. 


Your tax-deductible* contribution today will help NIE bring this diversity of voices and theater to Houston!

"Next Iteration Ensemble is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non‐profit arts service organization. Donations for the charitable purposes of Next Iteration Productions must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Our fiscal sponsorship allows our supporters to make tax-deductible donations with the assurance that Fractured Atlas will manage the release of funds to our projects in a manner compliant with their non-profit artistic mission

In the theater we are free to uncover, uncork, unveil, reveal all the nooks & crannies of our humanness. Who are we? Why are we? Do we mean it? What do we mean? Do you feel it? Are you hungry for it?  


Jason Zinn


Martin Obiozor

Gary Motal

David Rainey

Belinda Munsell

Sam Stengler

Andrew Ronchetto

Pat McEnery

Ron Jones

Noëlle and Arthur


Rachel Ollagnon


Melissa Buron

Tamara Siler

Sanjay Mediwala

Seán Patrick Judge

Deeba Ashraf

John Podlasek

Thuy Le

Raj Mankad

Andraes Hunt

Renee & Peter

     Van Nifterik

Janice Yoo

dianne k. webb


Morgan Stanley, CSAP

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